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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Write for Everyone and Not for a Specific Group - Malika Gandhi

 Today's Author - Malika Gandhi.

Malika Gandhi

1.       What you write?

I have written three novels, which vary in genre. They are Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, and YA Fantasy.

2.       Why you write?

If I don’t write, I feel closed up. It is kind of a release for me. I love to see my writing in print, and I want people to read my work. It is a great satisfaction when that happens, and you get great reviews!

3.        For whom you write?

I write for everyone, and not for a specific group.

       4. By whom you inspired?

I have read widely, and just about anything. I love Historical Fiction, but also YA Fantasy, so authors who write that are my inspiration. I also look up to authors who keep writing, no matter what, as that is what drives me too.

5 .You can Share you current writing (Any small Story/Poem) or Tell your Future plan About writing?

At the moment, I am writing the second book of the Witches of Zrotaz trilogy, which is a challenge in itself. The first book is a taster, but this one will be longer, and in more depth. I plan to write the third in this series after that, with more stories planned.

6. Give five advices to a new writer?

1. Never give up writing
2. Focus on your objectives when writing, and never be swayed by other’s opinion.
3. Read other books, whether indie or traditional.
4. Make friends with other authors – they will always be there for you.
5. Enjoy what you are writing.

7. Give five advices to a reader?

Have fun reading a wide range of books, and never stick to one genre. Read books written by indie authors, and support them.


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